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Qualis International


Qualis International

The Netherlands has many exclusive residential properties that are potentially interesting for foreign prospective buyers. Sometimes as an investment (thus focused on rental) and other times as a main residence or second home. Qualis International actively responds to this demand by presenting these properties on a global stage at LuxuryRealEstate.com. Qualis International – Luxury Real Estate Since its launch in 2003, Qualis has proved itself as a market leader in the middle and upper segments of residential realtors. With over 50 affiliated NVM offices spread across the Netherlands, Qualis provides brokers for almost any property in the higher price range who can help you with matters such as sales, purchasing or valuation. The Qualis hallmark gives recognition to NVM offices with a good reputation and strong market position. This makes it easier for you to choose a suitable real estate broker. By choosing Qualis, you will also benefit from the wide shared network and marketing power of all connected Qualis brokers. After all, maximum efforts are required for the best sales results and a single prospective buyer’s broker’s local network is simply no longer sufficient. Qualis’ international branch emerged from Qualis’ position as market leader in the Netherlands. On one hand because there is an international demand for exclusive properties in the Netherlands, on the other hand because many Dutch people became interested in selling their property to international prospective buyers through Qualis. As of 2016, Qualis International is part of Luxury Real Estate, the global market leader in the supply of exclusive properties. As a result, the largest global organization (Luxury Real Estate) and the Dutch market leader (Qualis) in the middle and upper segment of real estate have joined forces.



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